Moving forward with a key Croydon redevelopment

In 2013 Taberner House in Croydon town centre became vacant. The building had been the long term home of the main offices of the Borough Council but they moved to a new property on an adjacent site. The building was ultimately demolished, with completion in July 2015. Since then the area has been poised for redevelopment. This took a big step forward earlier in May when the property developer Hub were granted planning permission.

The redevelopment project will involve the creation of four residential towers on the site, the creation of 514 homes, new commercial spaces, and extensive landscape. Ultimately the plan will transform the area and 35% of the new housing has been earmarked as affordable.

Hub has been involved with the project since the spring of 2016. They have worked hard to create the best possible plan for the site, taking advantage of the amount of space that is available and the wonderful location. The new homes will give residents easy access to the town centre amenities and great transport links.

The next stage of the redevelopment is referral to the Greater London Authority and the Secretary of State. If they accept the proposal work can move forward. The plan is for the construction to begin in the autumn of 2017.

At Finefair we provide a myriad of services in the Borough, including working as a lettings agent in Croydon. We have seen the area rise in popularity over the years and the impact this has had on demand for housing. Projects like the one above are excellent because they redevelop Brownfield sites, create new homes and jobs, and simultaneously protect Greenfield land. Some of them improve the natural environment with landscaping and new gardens too.

Whatever kind of property you invest in, whether it is a modern flat, a family home, or a full block or estate, we can offer our professional services. Our team are highly experienced and know how to add a great deal of value. If you have any questions for us please get in touch.