Property management for your B&B

If you have a few spare rooms or a property that is suitable for transformation into a bed and breakfast establishment, we can assist with set up and management of your B&B, leaving you free to focus on other concerns whilst earning a generated income from your property.

London sees around 17 million visitors on an annual basis. Tourists look for suitable accommodation with convenient transport links at affordable prices. We have helped an abundance of clients turn their properties into profitable B&Bs that not only offer maximum investment returns but also provide them with long term solutions.

Many clients find themselves in possession of a property that is too big for their needs or that they cannot afford to live in. Many people have hopes to own a hospitality business, but they do not have the time to devote to management. Operating a B&B is a full time job and most owners spend every waking hour ensuring their guests are satisfied. You can incur significant financial losses during times of slow business, and feel like you are working hard for very little return. When you consider setting up a B&B there are several important factors to think about.

We specialise in property management in Greenwich and throughout the whole of London, and we can take the reins for you. We have been serving our clients with our guaranteed rent schemes for over ten years and we are the first port of call for landlords and investors throughout the capital city. When you participate in our guaranteed rent scheme we will take over full management of your B&B and leave you free of responsibility. You are able to concentrate on other work and enjoy a regular monthly payment along with the security that comes from knowing that your property is in the best hands.

If you are interested in venturing into the hospitality trade, or you own a property with the potential for multiple occupation, we can help. Our job is to do the work for you and alleviate your concerns. We offer specialist investor services, block management and more. If you are looking into property investment or you wish to turn your property or portfolio into a hotel or B&B we can deliver a high yielding, long term solution.