New infrastructure shines the spotlight on areas for investors

The Riverside in London is seeing a great deal of development with new building projects already under way in several neighbourhoods including at Temple, Nine Elms and Pimlico. There are countless proposals in the pipeline too, as developers look for the next location for regeneration. Along the Thames there are many locations ripe for redevelopment, including old warehouses and other former dockside buildings. New bridges to span the water are also being put forward to help connect the city and build the kind of infrastructure that will attract buyers.

The new bridges could completely transform the aesthetics of Riverside locations and attract more attention from developers. The Garden Bridge is a divisive plan, but once completed the structure will provide an important connection between Temple and Waterloo. A competition has also been launched to design a new crossing to connect Nine Elms and Pimlico. Both structures would create additional infrastructure that will benefit residents looking at these areas.

Development space in London is limited, but there are still opportunities to be found along both banks of the Thames, particularly to the south. Pimlico is one such destination that is receiving a great deal of regeneration with the aim to transform the area into a recreational and retail hub. The idea of an extra bridge is a good one, particularly with projects to build more homes and the increase in visitors that is expected when the area is regenerated.

Infrastructure projects tend to have a big impact on property investors and these bridges are no different. When new transport links are planned for an area, be it a bridge or a rail station, the location immediately gets a spotlight shined on it. If you’re looking for an area with investment potential the locations close to where bridges will be built could be for you. Prices in Pimlico have already risen from £800 per square foot in 2011 to £1,400 per square foot. If you are looking to make a property investment in Enfield or any other area of the capital, we can offer all the advice and guidance you need.