Profiting from the high level of property demand

The lack of available housing in London at the moment is a fact that pretty much everyone in the city, if not the country, is aware of. Although all of the London Borough authorities are working towards addressing the housing shortage, the private sector also holds potential as a way to ease the pressure. We are committed to helping property portfolio owners in London gain exceptional returns on their investments, whilst also assisting to address the housing shortage by handling council leasing in Ealing and throughout all other London boroughs.

Anyone that has ever tried to lease or otherwise let their property in London privately will be aware of the documentation, legislation and red tape that surrounds the process. It’s unavoidable, but necessary to protect the London property market. Whilst progressive legislation is being introduced to make the process easier, it’s still time and resource draining. Our management services will reduce the time and resources you need to spend on getting the go-ahead to lease.

When it comes to exploring the potential of council leasing, London owners have come to see us as the first choice for help, guidance and support. We combine our outstanding property management record with our status as the preferred supplier to the London Boroughs to your benefit. With our team working for you, you can be assured that your property will always be monitored and maintained to the highest standards and that you will be working with a company trusted to get the best yield from rental.

The primary motivation for owning property in London is that it represents a safe, reliable investment that is highly unlikely to lose value. Those that have purchased property in London are in a position to generate constant, fixed levels of income from it. With demand for rental properties in London reaching new heights, the market is perfectly poised for owners to generate a preferential yield. We are glad to be in the position of being able to secure for you the best terms to engage in either guaranteed rent or council leasing, irrespective of whether you are looking for a long or short term agreement period.

It is an understatement to say that London property holds great value at the moment. When you are using our services, you can optimise your chances of accessing the great returns offered by the market.