Caring for and supporting our community

In London, there are many people in need of help and assistance with their accommodation. Our care and support services are designed to provide a helping hand for both adults and youth. We provide support, accommodation, property management and block management in Croydon and all other areas of London, helping vulnerable individuals and their families to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to continuously developing and honing our services to deliver the best possible results to our customers.

Our 16+ services are spearheaded by a Pathway Plan that we draw up, providing information on important factors such as housing, education, health, finance and independent living skills. After preparing the plan, we will accommodate the young person in high quality property to help them feel safe and secure. We work with a range of young people including those who have mental health, drug or alcohol issues and those affected by gang violence. We also provide services aimed for young people aged 18 and over, helping them to prepare for adulthood. We’ll provide continuous self-contained or shared accommodation, flexible support packages and experienced staff to help on every step of the path.

We also work with young mums to ensure their requirements are met, building supportive relationships and ensuring that parents and babies receive as much support as we can give. Through monitoring and recording, we will ensure that everyone involved is residing in the best environment possible for them. For older people, our adult care and support services are available through Finefutures.

We always strive to provide the highest quality of care to every person who uses our services. We believe that everyone from all walks of life should be able to lead a fulfilling life, and that is what we aim to help them accomplish. Offering expert property management alongside extensive care and support services, will do everything in our power to assist those in need of assistance with their accommodation.