A prime investment location for businessmen

Lambeth, located in South London, is a thin, long Borough which is about three miles wide and seven long. The area is proving to be one of the finest in the capital for property investment though, even with its small size. This is because of the fantastic location and great prices.

The Borough has a somewhat equal balance between office and residential space, making it the perfect spot to live and work. Many different companies are drawn to the area because of the low rents that it offers, despite it being an inner city Borough that’s in reach of Central London.

Waterloo Station is a major transport hub to the south-west of the country and Clapham Junction is England’s busiest train station. To put it simply, these two essential pieces of transportation infrastructure provide Lambeth with superior connectivity, making it a prime location for investors who will need to travel frequently.

If you have come to Lambeth hoping to start up or expand a business Kennington Park offers lots of benefits. Acting as a hub for new and current businesses, the site consists of 11 buildings which provide studios, offices and workshops ranging in size from 178 to 25,000 sq ft. This is ideal for companies that are seeking the convenience of a Central London site offered at a small percentage of the cost of the nearby areas. Not to mention, the gym and café work wonders in attracting businesses to this area.

At Finefair our job is to assist any client that is looking at property investment in Lambeth and other parts of London. With all the potential it possesses in terms of transportation and business growth, any businessman should seriously think about this fantastic Borough.

If you would like our assistance in finding a property or exploring your options, feel free to get in touch. We provide a personal service and have a great reputation for delivering value for our clients.