Gain success in the growing Lewisham market

The Borough of Lewisham holds what many would consider to be a unique quality within London. It is an area which is regarded as one of the most affordable to live in within the capital, despite the fact that it is considered as an inner city area. This has meant that there’s always been a consistently high level of demand for property in the region. Even with this noticeable trend, however, the surge in demand over the last year has been impressive.

Whilst property value growth across London has been moderate yet sustainable over the last year, Lewisham has been home to some quite remarkable performance figures. The last reported figures show an annual property value growth of close to 20% across the Borough – figures which put the area at the forefront of growth for owners and investors.

Percentages are a quite common way to express or illustrate growth in the property market. They do not, however, always present a clear picture of the implications. In this respect, in order to best show what this increase means the net result is that, over the last year, properties in Lewisham effectively grew in value by around £350 every day.

Now is an outstanding time for property owners in Lewisham. The growth in value of their investment comes from a consistent level of increasing demand for homes in the area, with no indication of either being likely to slow down. In order to gain the greatest returns possible from the current situation – whether it is through a sale or from letting – owners need to have the best experts available working for them. We are proud of our track record in this respect.

For over a decade we have proudly been a preferred service supplier to the authorities responsible for the London Borough of Lewisham. The comprehensive nature of our work, from property maintenance, estate management and sales through to council leasing and guaranteed rent agreements, has always been backed with second to none services. In order to get the maximum results from a positive market, let our team of experts work to bring you rewards from your investment.