Taking your portfolio a step further at auction

All property investors are in search of properties that offer the highest possible value for the lowest possible purchase price. Many turn to auctions in order to find properties which have great potential but are available for low prices. If you are an investor considering making a purchase at auction, our team offer an extensive pre-auction service designed to ensure that you make the right decisions.

When it comes to auctions, investors need to be assured that they are making smart choices. They want to be able to reduce their risks, know their possible returns before they buy anything, and generally want to ensure that their purchase will make them some decent returns. Our pre-auction services offer investors the ability to make smart and comfortable investments by removing as much of the risk as possible.

Whether through an auction or agent, we help to reduce the risk on your investment by confirming a ten year guaranteed rent service before you even make the purchase. Doing so ensures that your property will be professionally looked after from the moment that you make the investment. This service essentially provides you with a guaranteed income for as long as we lease the property, providing you with the highest possible rent each and every month. All payments made are as secure as possible, paid directly into your account, and will continue arriving even if the property goes through a period of being vacant.

Our team will do all they can to manage your investments to the highest standard and ensure that your portfolio expands in value. You will receive the maximum possible rent, maximising your income, and your property will be professionally maintained by our experienced team. From the bills to regular inspections, absolutely everything will be taken care of.