High yielding solutions for your bed and breakfast

The words bed and breakfast is enough to stir up feelings of cosy little buildings run by families and offering accommodation at a low price. Bed and breakfasts are often vital businesses in a local community, able to attract tourists and visitors on the strength of their accommodation alone. Many people choose to open such a business, either as a way of making money when they retire or as a primary source of income. However, running a bed and breakfast is not the easiest thing to do, and making money from it can be extremely difficult.

Running a bed and breakfast requires a lot of dedication. Certain modifications may be required to bring your property up to code and you will certainly have to spend money to make money. However, our team at Finefair are here to help with all aspects of turning a property into a B&B, or managing an existing one.

We specialise in property and estate management in Richmond Upon Thames and throughout the rest of London, and we can offer long term, high yielding solutions for your bed and breakfast. Our long term leasing solutions provide you with guaranteed income with none of the hassle of running your bed and breakfast. This is perfect for those who want to run their own business but need to save time, or give the management responsibilities to someone else. We offer leases of up to ten years, providing you with ten years of guaranteed income. When your property is leased to us, we fully manage it and there are no bills or other costs to worry about. You get paid on the entire building, even if it has vacant rooms, and you pay absolutely no management fees or commission to us. You don’t have to worry about planning or licensing issues and, essentially, you will receive complete peace of mind during the entire term of the lease.

We offer free, no obligation appraisals to allow you to see just how our services can be of benefit to you. Our long term solutions are designed to bring your long term peace of mind. The moment that you lease your bed and breakfast to us, you receive BACS payments directly into your account every single month. For those who want all the benefits of running a bed and breakfast without the hassle, the estate management services offered by our team will prove to be simply invaluable.