Population growth increases property demand

A recently released survey has shown that the population of London is anticipated to grow by just over 12% by 2025. To put this in a clearer context, the population of the entire nation over the same period is expected to grow by less than 8%. Although some of this growth can be attributed to the natural expansion of London’s geographical borders, it is mostly an unavoidable aspect of the city’s status as one of the world’s foremost financial and business capitals. In practical terms, this increased population is inevitably going to push demand for property even higher than the current record levels.

For those who are looking to establish a portfolio of investment properties, or who already own property here, London has always been regarded as an area where significant success can be achieved. This is a factor of the city market which has been highlighted by the current pressures for housing across the capital, and the expected rapid growth in population will serve only to increase this pressure. Privately owned rental property is widely regarded as the solution to the demand for living space, particularly through council leasing. We can assist you with this.

Our services have been created to provide the greatest possible benefits to both existing London property owners and those looking to invest. We represent the leading investment opportunities currently available in the city. Our status as a preferred supplier across the London Boroughs means we can give property owners access to high and secured returns from our guaranteed rent agreements and council leasing. In all instances, our expert property management services are available.

The growing importance of London to both the national economy and global business means that few will be surprised by the projections about the increasing population. While this growth creates opportunities for property investors to create greater financial returns, expert knowledge and understanding of the market are required to assure success. Over the years, property investors throughout Harrow and all other London boroughs have benefited from our unrivalled level of knowledge and insight.