New developments taking place in Haringey

There have been many regeneration projects throughout London in recent years, and this looks set to continue long into the future as steps are taken to improve living standards and provide much-needed housing for the population of the capital. It has been in the news recently that Haringey Council are searching for a partner to carry out a £2 billion development project across various areas of the borough.

The council have stated that this will be a long-term project which takes place over the next two decades, and that it will be one of the largest major developments the borough has ever seen. The project will include the construction of 5,000 new residential properties, as well as a new town centre for Wood Green. The work will initially begin here and in Tottenham, where estates will be renewed and improved. Other areas of the borough have also been earmarked for future work.

The tender process has begun to find the right partner to undertake the work, and submissions are being taken until the 22nd of February. This is not the only potentially exciting new development for Haringey; the borough is also set to benefit greatly from the Crossrail development, which will bring greater transport links to the area to complement the thousands of new homes and jobs which will be created by the planned development project.

As property specialists, we provide property and block management for many properties throughout Haringey, and we will make sure to stay completely up to speed with all the latest developments in the borough. This new development project will undoubtedly have a major impact on the area’s investment and housing opportunities, and we will be there to keep our clients and their tenants fully informed about how they can make the most of them.