The popularity of Waltham Forest continues

Waltham Forest is enjoying some of the highest demand for properties in London thanks to its reputation for offering value for money. The average price for a home in the area is lower than that for the capital as a whole. This means that buyers can see their funds go further in the area, resulting in more space. The high demand is also causing prices to rise so properties are an attractive investment.

The Borough has an interesting feel and the high demand was slightly unexpected. It is outside of the traditional commuter belts, being based slightly further to the north and west. There are still good transport links in the area but the location means you can enjoy much less hustle and bustle in comparison to traditional commuter areas.

Walthamstow is a very attractive location for people who want to live in an area that gives them easy access to transport. The town is served by the Victoria Line, giving people quick access to Kings Cross and a number of other central stations. The trip to Kings Cross takes under forty minutes.

A major selling point for the town is the village feel. It is surprising to find such a setting in the capital. There are a number of pedestrian zones in the area, resulting in much less hustle and bustle and a more peaceful feeling. This is added to by the boutique shops and cafes.

The town has enjoyed a big surge in buyers over the last two years. This includes a number of owner occupiers as well as investors looking for homes they can put on the rental market. The demand is still occurring even with prices rising.

At Finefair we proudly serve a number of landlords with properties in Waltham Forest. One of our most popular services in the area is block management. We offer this to people with more than one property in the same building or area. The close proximity means we can tackle the maintenance and monitoring at the same time, offering savings as a result.

If you would like a professional service from an established, long serving specialist you can call on us.