Apartment living in Tower Hamlets

Apartment living has become a firm favourite in London. Living in a block of apartments can offer a wide array of benefits including giving people impressive views across the city. On top of this the properties can provide all kinds of attractive facilities and services for residents to enjoy. These could include a gym, concierge service, and even a chauffeur service.

Apartments can range in size, from single bedroom ones to large, full floor homes with as much space as you would expect in a family house. This means they can cater for a wide array of spatial needs, satisfying many different people.

In London apartments are favoured by developers because they allow more homes to be created in an area. By building upwards the available space can be utilised effectively and maximise the number of properties that are available. The popularity of the housing option can be seen in the number of high rise structures currently under construction.

Apartments prove to be particularly popular with young professionals and those people taking their first steps on to the property ladder. They are seen by many as affordable options and also provide a major attraction in that they can be located in very attractive urban settings. This means the people that choose to live in them can have great attractions on their door step, including good transport infrastructure and leisure opportunities.

Tower Hamlets is one area where apartment living has really taken off. The Borough is attractive because of its close proximity to the City and the fact that Canary Wharf is located in the area. Apartments are therefore highly sought by professionals working in these areas because the commute to work is very short.

There are plenty of attractive homes in Tower Hamlets that could prove to be very good investment properties in the long run. New developments like Titanium Point in Bethnal Green are proving to be popular because of the fantastic location.

At Finefair we are committed to helping clients find the perfect homes. We understand that each home is an investment and purchases should be made with the long term in mind. We can help people to decide their criteria, search for a suitable property, and guide them through each stage of the purchase. Professional support and advice is available at all times when you choose to work with our approachable team.