Two popular areas in Hounslow

Osterley and Isleworth in the London Borough of Hounslow have a very interesting history. Both areas were popular amongst aristocrats and rich industrialists when the court was held at Kew. These people purchased lots of land in the areas and built large mansions. Only two of these remain; Osterley House and Syon House.

The two areas have changed a lot since. Now many of the homes date back to the 20s and 30s. Semi detached houses make up the most of the housing stock. In addition there are some areas where flats and period properties are available. Jersey Road and St. Mary’s Gardens near Osterley Park are home to larger Victorian homes.

Isleworth is a popular spot for people making the move up the property ladder. A lot of people trade their flats for homes in the area after being priced out of Richmond or Chiswick. Osterley generally attracts people making the next step as it is home to larger, family homes.

Both parts of Hounslow are popular for the access to good schooling and close proximity to open spaces. Osterley Park and House is a particular selling point with its fantastic landscaped grounds. Isleworth residents can take walks along the River Crane and Grand Union Canal too.

At Finefair we understand what draws residents and investors alike to this part of western London. With the latter in mind we offer a wide array of services including working as a lettings agent in Hounslow. Although the area is popular with people moving up the market there is demand for rentals due to the proximity to good schools.

Our lettings services are designed to tick all of the right boxes. By that we mean we deliver the best for both the landlord and the tenants, ensuring every party is happy. By doing this we can facilitate long term rentals and great relationships.

If you are looking at rental properties in Osterley, Isleworth, or any other part of Hounslow feel free to contact us for advice about locations. Investors can contact for help choosing opportunities and for ongoing management services.