Islington has grown into an attractive destination

Islington has proven to be a popular destination for people moving from Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. The area offers more space and better value for money whilst still delivering great transport links and a central location. As a result Prime areas in the Borough have been pushed forward, enjoying good increases in value.

It is not just family homes that have proven to be popular though. Demand has led to the creation of several residential tower blocks, increasing the number of modern apartments on offer. These have proven to be attractive to British and overseas buyers alike, including both owner-occupiers and investors.

One of the great things about Islington is the visual affect of seeing period architecture sit side by side with modern developments. City Road is the perfect example of this. Two large new residential towers, Lexicon and Canaletto, stand out in the area. They back on to Victorian and Georgian terraced houses and create contrast with other low lying structures.

If you are looking at apartments you need to consider the ongoing costs you could face, whether you are an owner occupier or an investor. With apartment blocks there will generally be an annual cost to pay for the upkeep of public spaces and facilities such as lifts. Buyers need to be aware of these fees so they don’t encounter issues.

At Finefair we have a long history of providing estate management in Islington. As a result we know how to deliver great services for properties of any size and scale, from a home split into several flats to the largest blocks. We have worked on private properties as well as housing estates, delivering the same high standards of service every time.

When it comes to choosing estate management services you can rely on, we are the best provider in not just Islington, but the whole of London. If you would like advice or are an investor looking to arrange a service please get in touch.