Pop up projects can enrich communities

Exciting projects that support independent local businesses can really stimulate an area. This has already been seen in Lambeth with the Pop Brixton project. The disused land was transformed into a community initiative, creating space for businesses and hosting events that will make a difference in the local area.

Although Pop Brixton is only temporary it has had a huge impact, allowing independent businesses to start out and get established. Since opening more than 200 jobs have been created and an additional one million visitors per year have been attracted to the area. The project is currently scheduled to remain in place until the autumn of 2018.

The success of the pop-up project in Lambeth has inspired CTA, the architects behind the design, to apply for planning for two additional schemes; one in Woolwich and the other in Reading. Both will be along similar lines, helping to support businesses, create jobs, and benefit local communities and visitors.

The legacy of the Brixton project will be a stronger community and businesses ready to take the next step. This is fantastic for the immediate area and the wider Borough too. It could very well make the location a more popular one for prospective house buyers and tenants.

At Finefair we understand how these wonderful projects can enrich an area and attract people to want to live there. Everybody wants to be part of a friendly community that makes them feel welcome. Landlords have a big role to play in helping to create communities.

Our services are designed to provide the best value for landlords and tenants alike. We have worked hard to become a reliable lettings agent Lambeth clients can have complete faith in. By maintaining very high standards we can provide great homes. This is vital for building a good community.

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