There are plenty of interesting things in Harrow

Harrow is a very interesting London Borough most famously known for the public boys’ school of the same name. There are many other noteworthy properties, features, and stories in the area though. Here are just a few of them.

Grim’s Dyke is one of the most interesting buildings in the whole of Harrow. It was built between 1870 and 1872 for celebrated painter Frederick Goodall.

In 1890 W. S. Gilbert, the joint collaborator behind the Savoy operas), purchased the property. He commissioned the creation of an artificial lake on the site, tasking 14 gardeners with the project. Sadly it would be this lake where Gilbert lost his life in 1911, suffering a heart attack whilst saving the life of a local woman who encountered difficulties when swimming.

The property was later leased and transformed into a hospital and rehabilitation centre for people suffering from tuberculosis. After this it became a base during WWII but its exact purpose during this period is currently unknown. It is currently used as a hotel and filming location. The list of names that have filmed on the site includes Doctor Who, Eastenders and the 1998 movie Sliding Doors.

Caesar’s Ponds in Stanmore have a very interesting history. They are manmade and date back to the Roman period. A well-known story suggests that Boudicca camped in the area, using the ponds for drinking.

Harrow-on-the-Hill is home to a plaque that claims the area was home to the very first motor accident to claim a life in Britain. The accident in question happened on 25th February 1899. The vehicle suffered from a collapsed front wheel as it sped down Grove Hill, violently ejecting the occupants. The thing that makes this so interesting is that it is believed it was not in fact the first vehicular accident to result in a loss of life. An accident in Purley a year earlier may have that title.

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