The Borough of Havering could introduce new licensing for landlords

The London Borough of Havering recently joined other local authorities in the capital looking to introduce a new licensing scheme regarding landlords. The aim is to drive up standards and to protect tenants from being taken advantage of. This includes those vulnerable groups known as “transient households” such as pensioners, young families, and people who live alone.

The Borough is facing a big supply and demand issue when it comes to housing. A shortage is already being felt, driving prices up. It is anticipated that the population of the area could grow by as much as 24,000 in the next three years. This would worsen the situation.

The rising house prices in Havering have also made it a very popular location for property investment. As a result there are more landlords offering properties on the rental market. The additional licensing is designed to ensure that all of them are fit and proper, as well as making sure they deliver the right standards of housing.

If a selective licence is introduced it would require landlords to satisfy certain criteria before they can achieve one. Those failing to achieve a licence or not meeting the minimum standards set by the Council would be liable for fines and other penalties.

An informal consultation was held in Havering earlier this month regarding the issue. It will be followed by a formal one later in the year before a decision can be made.

At Finefair we work with landlords with properties all across the Borough, offering several services including guaranteed rent in Havering. We aim to deliver the best value for our clients and work to help them satisfy their obligations.

There are already licensing requirements in place for HMOs over three storeys in height and we support landlords who need to meeting them. We will be able to offer help with any additional licence requirements that come into force.

If you have any questions, whether about licensing, being a good landlord, or our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.