Planning for the London Borough of Culture 2020

Finefair offers a wide range of different services. As well as being the top team for guaranteed rent, we also manage properties effectively and even arrange things like council leasing. One thing in particular we are great at is estates. We understand the challenges and work to deliver the perfect solutions. This focus makes us one of the very best for estate management Brent has.

Celebrating Culture

In 2020 Brent will become the second London Borough of Culture. With less than 15 months to go, the local council is working very hard to get a programme together. The aim is to celebrate the diverse community in the area and get more people involved in events.

One thing the Council is doing is hosting a summit to ask local residents for their ideas. Many locals, including young people, were involved in the bid to become Borough of Culture. The aim is to get these same groups to contribute creative ideas for events. The hope is this will encourage more visitors to take part in 2020. The summit is taking place on September 8th.

Loving Brent

A major reason the Borough won the bid is because it is one of the most diverse Boroughs and has a very long history of inclusion and celebrating different cultures. In 2020 the programme of events will celebrate the communities as well as the arts scene. The aim is to create more creative workshops and also ensure there is a lasting legacy for culture in the area. This will include a new curriculum at local schools that help students to learn through experiencing cultures.

The programme for 2020 will also feature renowned international artists and cultural organisations. They will be visiting the Borough to take part in different events that celebrate culture.

At Finefair we understand how diverse Brent’s culture is and have experience dealing with various communities. We are a thoughtful and understanding team, working to provide the best level of service we can. When it comes to estate management Brent has nobody better to work with.

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