New plans for the Royal Bell on Bromley High Street

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A local landmark

The Royal Bell remains a local landmark on Bromley High Street even though it has been vacant for years. The once grand Victorian hotel is Grade II listed and is on Historic England’s Buildings at Risk register. The condition is very poor, with reports it could cost as much as £3million to repair and stabilise it.

The building has an incredible history. It was originally a popular coaching inn because it sat on a main route from London to Kent and Sussex. The hotel even got a mention in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

A new building was built in 1898, designed by Arts & Crafts architect Ernest Newton. The Queen Anne style is grandiose, reflecting how well the town was doing at the time because of the arrival of the railway. There are plenty of fantastic architectural features of note, including a large ballroom, a brick parapet, and stunning windows.


Sadly the Royal Bell has been vacant for over 8 years. There is a new proposal to redevelop it though. The new owners, N. Hillman & Sons, would like to return the building to its previous grandeur, making a 5 star hotel and a new community hub. The plan is to add a nine-storey annex, redevelop the current ballroom and create a new pool, gym and spa in the basement.

Local councillors will consider the plans to see if they want to give permission for the project. The work has good backing because the building is so iconic and the new facilities would benefit the area.

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