Performance of Haringey schools may increase demand for homes

The Borough of Haringey could become more attractive to families over the next few years thanks to the latest GCSE results of schools in the area. This may be translated into an increase in demand for properties to purchase and let as people look to live in closer proximity to the high performing schools.

At a time when the national number of students obtaining grades A* to C in English and Maths at GCSE is down slightly Haringey has seen wonderful improvements in performance. The percentage of students in Haringey achieving the best marks in English rose by 9% to 74%. Maths saw a 3% rise in these grades to 70%. Both are fantastic when compared to the national score, putting English an impressive 14% ahead and Maths 9% up.

The results showcase the hardworking students in the Borough and the quality of teaching on offer in the area. Several of the schools stand out including Hornsey School for Girls. It saw students achieve an incredible 500 A and A* grades.

As we have mentioned in previous articles homes in close proximity to high performing schools can demand a healthy premium, both on purchase and rental prices. Parts of Haringey that are home to the best schools and those that neighbour them may see a healthy increase.

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