Find the perfect location for a home in Harrow

Harrow on the Hill is a wonderful part of London, home to one of the most celebrated schools in the whole of the UK and a myriad of beautiful homes. The period properties have a lot of character, whether it is the smaller mews homes or larger family-friendly Victorian and Edwardian detached houses. There is plenty of praise for the architecture.

The homes are very highly sought, both amongst UK based and overseas buyers. The high demand and limited supply (most of the area is a designated conservation area so there is limited construction) result in high prices though. The supply is further limited because owners tend to hold on to properties for a long period.

There are a number of attractive neighbouring areas to Harrow on the Hill that can offer a wider selection of properties and more competitive prices. These prove to be a big draw for buyers who struggle to find a home to match their requirements closer to the school. They also attract people looking for more space for their money. Fortunately there are good transport links, particularly with the Metropolitan Line.

Pinner is a highly regarded area just a short trip to the west of Harrow on the Hill. It stands out for the amount of space people can find. Whereas the average plot size on the Hill is around a tenth of an acre, in Pinner buyers can enjoy almost triple that. The additional space is attractive to families, particularly those with younger children.

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