An option for landlords that can offer a myriad of benefits

Bromley Council’s Direct Let scheme is very popular with property owners in the area who are new to letting out their properties. The scheme is designed to provide more homes for those people who need them, cutting down on the number of vacant houses in the area and supporting the owners in returning them to use.

Working with the Council can offer a wide array of benefits to the property owners. Firstly they refer tenants to you for free, easing one of the biggest worries that landlords have. Alongside this they provide support with managing the tenancy, offer guidance and even help to train landlords. As a third benefit they can give you access to grants that can be used to make properties inhabitable and improve the standards.

A crucial part of being successful as a landlord is catering for the needs of tenants and providing a property that ticks the right boxes. It can be tricky to determine what these are, especially when you are new to the field. Choosing Direct Let can help with this. Each property put forward for the scheme is professionally inspected and the owner is provided a report. This includes tips about improvements and meeting the right standards so that tenants will be satisfied.

At Finefair we understand the big value that schemes like the Direct Let in Bromley can offer. We can advise all landlords about them and offer support in choosing the right course of action for their interests. We have established relationships with Councils all across the capital, putting us in a great position to help every landlord.

If you would like to find out more about council leasing in Bromley we would advise you to visit their website or contact us personally. If you do the latter we will do all we can to ensure you receive the right information and are clear on the opportunities available to you as well as your obligations if you choose to go with the option. We also offer ongoing support, making sure you have made the right decision for your assets.