Camden is still one of the most dynamic areas in London

Camden in its current form has only existed since 1965, making it one of the youngest Boroughs in London. This feeling can still be felt, particularly with the diverse crowd of people who are attracted to live in and visit.

The completion of Regent’s Canal in 1816 caused big growth in the area, attracting people who worked all across the capital. The transport hub allowed easy commuting, connecting people who lived in Camden with the docklands and other important locations.

Transport links in the area improved further with rail and Underground connections. Two branches of the Northern Line serve Camden Town Station and Camden Road has an Overground service. On top of this Kings Cross St. Pancras is just a short walk away. This gives people access to national and international services.

As you can see Camden is firmly established as one of the best connected Boroughs in the whole of London. As a result it is no wonder that the property market in the area is so vast. There is big demand for homes, both rentals and to purchase. People who work in various parts of the capital choose to live in the area because it is so well connected, has a wonderful culture, and provide all kinds of other attractions.

With so many great things on offer in Camden it is no wonder the area has good staying power. This is also aided by the fact that there is a wide array of different types of home in the area, ranging from council blocks to flats, small Victorian homes to larger, four storey period properties.

Renting in Camden is attractive and the local Council actively encourage long leases and a diverse mix of tenants. They even give property owners the chance to let directly with them, offering big rewards such as guaranteed rent in return.

At Finefair we can advise all of our clients about the wonderful opportunities the property market in Camden has to offer.