Open space and larger homes in Stanmore

Stanmore in Harrow is one of the quietest suburbs in the whole of the capital. It remains largely rural, enjoying acres of commons and beautiful ancient beech forest. Surprisingly it is still only 14 miles from the centre of the city.

The location and the abundance of space have made Stanmore a popular destination for people looking to build luxury mansions. Between 1713 and 1724 work on creating the most valuable property in the area took place. Cannons was the home of the First Duke of Chandos and was built with the input of a number of famous architects. Sadly financial troubles led to the ruin of the property less than thirty years after it was finished. A more modest mansion now sits in its place.

Although there are a number of mansions in the area, the housing stock is immensely varied. There are period Georgian properties, Twenties and Thirties houses and bungalows, and modern flats too. Some of the latter are completely new builds and others are conversions, including in some of the larger mansions.

The schools in Stanmore are very highly regarded, including two comprehensives. NLCS (North London Collegiate School) is one of the leading private schools for girls in the whole of the capital. Nearby Harrow-on-the-Hill is also the home of one of the most prestigious all boys’ schools.

Although 14 miles from the city centre Stanmore has wonderful transport links. The local Underground Station is at the end of the Jubilee Line. It takes just 45 minutes to reach London Bridge and around 30 to Baker Street. The fact the route starts here means that commuters travelling early can enjoy largely empty carriages.

At Finefair we have established ourselves as a reliable provider of estate management Harrow based landlords can rely on. We have the experience to manage various properties, including those mansions that have been split into multiple flats. We can scale our service to suit any needs and will deliver excellent standards.

If you are considering investing in a property Stanmore has plenty to offer and is definitely worth considering. Don’t let the distance from the city centre put you off; the suburb is beautiful and has wonderful attractions and transport links.