Newham led the way with new property listings in May

The latest data from online estate agent HouseSimple shows that the number of new property listings rose in May after a fall in April. UK wide the volume of homes listed for sale last month was up 7%. This is a good recovery from the 4% decline in April.

In the month close to 80% of towns across the UK saw the number of new property listings rise according to the data. Some of them were extreme rises, including 74.6% in Barnsley.

In April London as a whole did not see such a big drop in the volume of properties that were available. According to the figures the listings were actually up by 5.2% on average. Some areas did see a big fall in supplies in this period whereas others saw growth.

One area in London that really stands out for its figures is Newham. It saw the biggest growth in May with an increase of 23.5%, outperforming every other location. This followed a decline of 15.8% in April. It is quite a dramatic reversal.

The extreme rises and falls across parts of London and other towns in the UK shows just how much uncertainty there is. It also hints that property owners are taking more time to consider their options, holding off on marketing whilst big decisions in the political sphere are made.

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