The Ilford Manifesto sets out development ideas

Redbridge Council have been working hard this year to promote Ilford and see it become the focus of regeneration. They began with an event at the Town Hall in January. This was followed up in May with the release of the Ilford Manifesto. The launch event was held at the Shard and saw councillors and business leaders mingling to explore the development potential on offer.

The Ilford Manifesto is designed to set out how the area will be transformed into a hub for retail, business, and commercial growth. The aim is to make the district a place that people want to live and work, benefitting from the opportunities offered by the growth of London to the east.

The catalyst for the redevelopment and opportunities for Ilford is Crossrail. The new transport links unlock the area and have led many more people to consider investment properties in Redbridge.

At the Manifesto launch the chief executive of the council revealed that they are planning to take the lead on the regeneration work. As a result they will work closely with businesses on aspects of the project. They will work to make land available and work with providers who can bring the vision for the area to life.

Some big investments have already been made in the area. In March the Exchange shopping centre was purchased for £78 million. The buyer was investment firm Capital & Region. They previously owned the mall and chose to purchase it for a second time because of the income and capital growth prospects on offer.

If you are looking for investment properties Redbridge has a lot of good opportunities on offer. Ilford is a destination definitely worth looking at and could become a hotspot in the coming years, particularly if the regeneration projects and investments continue.

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