New redevelopments for Tottenham Hale

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There have been many developments in Haringey over the years, and they just seem to keep on coming. Recently, Argent Related revealed their Tottenham Hale scheme. It includes the creation of 1,036 new homes. In addition, there will be new retail spaces, and co-working and office space. These houses shall be for market sale and rental properties, as well as some affordable housing. Furthermore, there will be a health centre that serves 30,000 people. Residents can also expect two football pitches’ worth of open space, complete with seating.

The application

The planning application embraces five plots of land. This supports Haringey Council’s dream of an up to date district centre for the area. Argent Related has collaborated with a handful of different people during this venture. The list includes Grant Associates, AHMM, Pollard Thomas Edwards, and Alison Brooks Architects.

The director at Argent Related is leading the project. He said that Tottenham is a stimulating section of London. The breadth of options, aspirations, cultures, street life, cutting edge young companies, and clusters of artists have all had a hand in proposals for the area. It is likely that these will go before the borough’s planning sub-committee later in 2018. If approved, the project would be an excellent addition to Tottenham.

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