Big jump in demand in Hammersmith and Fulham

New data shows that demand for properties in London has grown by an impressive 2% since the start of 2018. This is good news for all kinds of buyers, including investors looking at capital gains and leasing. Surprisingly the investment properties Hammersmith and Fulham have to offer have seen the biggest jump in that time. Demand is up an astonishing 71%.

To put that in perspective, Lambeth has seen the second largest increase in demand. The growth here was a more modest 35%.

Prime areas

The most impressive thing about the data is that the demand increase in the capital is driven by performance in prime location. These are the areas that have been hit the hardest recently, seeing falls in prices in many locations. The fact that people are now looking to buy could be because of these reductions. As a result investors can make their money go further than they could have in past years.

The commuter belt

The sky high prices in Central London were the reason so many buyers chose homes in commuter areas. As a result demand in these locations increased dramatically. Surprisingly the interest is starting to cool, probably because prices in many of these locations are now much higher. Since the start of 2018 demand in the whole commuter belt is down by 7%.


There is a lot of uncertainty in the market at the moment because of the political landscape. Generally in times like this London sees the biggest fall in demand and property prices. It is fantastic that the market is bouncing back and that demand is up for the first time in over a year. This could give investors more confidence.

Finefair works hard to help clients choose the areas with the best potential. When it comes to investment properties Hammersmith and Fulham has lots to offer. We have experience of working here and can support investors.

If you are looking to invest now that demand is on the rise please contact us. We can help you to find the best locations in the Borough and the properties with the most potential. As a result you can be more confident investing. We also provide guaranteed rent all across London.