New commercial and residential properties for Ealing

We are a team that has done business with thousands of investors and landlords. Together, we oversee countless successful investments. Our people make sure they develop strategies that work for each client. In addition, we are the top establishment for council leasing Ealing has. This is an option that interests many of our clients.

A major project

Construction firm Galiford Try has a huge task ahead of it. It needs to help Ealing Council by constructing a new head office. This is a £275million deal. Erecting offices isn’t their sole objective however. The contract includes the construction of a library and 470 new homes. Half of the housing will be available for London and social living rent prices.

Ealing Council and Galiford Try are set to consult key stakeholders on the proposals. They will do the same with the local populous. Later on in the year, they shall submit a planning application. The council offices are in a vital town centre location. However, members don’t feel they’re taking full advantage of the site.

Affordable homes

These plans will supply affordable homes to the town centre. This is something the area desperately needs. It also supports the council’s pledge to deliver 2,500 new houses. In addition, there shall be a cheaper to maintain, modern office block plus a new customer service centre.

Galiford Try is looking forward to working with the council on this new scheme. It’ll make a huge contribution of inexpensive houses to Ealing. Moreover, it shall offer a myriad of commercial and retail benefits.

At Finefair, we have experience with finding suitable tenants for various properties. It is our goal to keep voids to a minimum so that people earn a steady income from their properties. We’ll also work to make certain that the tenants are reliable. This is very important and one of the reasons we are the leading name for council leasing Ealing has available.

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