Negotiating tactfully can earn you great rewards

Finefair understands that some property owners have concerns about their assets and how they are managed. This is even more likely with estates due to the scale and potential for large repair bills. Fortunately we can offer reliable services. As the best team for estate management Hammersmith and Fulham has, you can be confident working with us.


The capital is one of the most interesting property markets in the world. Demand tends to remain high even when prices are falling and other factors affect buyer confidence. Investors from one country may be deterred by changing currency values whilst other countries find new opportunities. Whatever the case you can earn good rewards if you negotiate carefully for properties. Keep in mind that some sellers won’t simply sell to the highest bidder; they are also likely to consider the quality of the bid.

If you are planning to put offers in on a property or an entire estate, make sure you start off by doing some research. Look at the reason for selling, how long it has been on the market, and what the conditions are like in the area. Is there investment going on nearby? What is demand and supply like?

One thing that can work in your favour is being ready to purchase. It is good to have paperwork in order, be clear on your finances, and appoint a solicitor. That way any sale can move forward much faster. Sellers will appreciate this.


The negotiation process is tricky for a number of reasons. Firstly the buyer doesn’t want to show all their cards and is looking for the best deal. Secondly the seller wants to feel they get the best sale price and doesn’t want to be put off by low offers and long negotiations.

Before putting in an offer you should discuss the condition of the property with the seller. That way you can clarify your position and how much it will cost you to deal with any issues. This in turn can explain why you make the offer you do.

The most important thing to remember is you can really benefit from building a rapport with the seller. Ideally you want to be the person that they feel they have to sell the property too, even if your offer is not the highest they receive.

Finefair is the right team to call on, whether you are new to investing or currently own assets. We are confident we provide the right service, whether you want the best estate management Hammersmith and Fulham can offer or portfolio advice and valuations. Contact us today to find out more.