Going to school in Haringey

North London is full of attractive destinations with good opportunities for investors. If you are specifically considering investment properties Haringey is proving to be a hotspot. There is plenty to offer in the area, including excellent parks, sports facilities, transport links, and also good homes.

The quality of the schools can really put an area on the map. Think of Harrow without its famous school or Oxford and Cambridge without the universities. Families consequently look to live in areas where their children have the best chance to get a quality education.

Inspection results

With the latest Ofsted results, many of them will be heading to Haringey. This is because it became one of five destinations in the whole of the UK where every single school had a good or outstanding rating. In total there are 86 schools in the Borough.

On top of the inspection results Haringey schools had excellent performances at every stage, from KS2 to GCSE. There are also a number of initiatives in the area to improve standards. One of the best is the Haringey STEM Commission which looks to get students to study science, technology, engineering and maths subjects.

An old typo

It is a funny coincidence that Haringey is such a good destination for schools. The name of the Borough itself has actually been revealed as a mistake. The original plan was to call it Harringay because the district is around the area. The error was made and the Borough has stuck with it for over 50 years.

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We work hard to keep up to date on which areas have a lot to offer investors. When it comes to investment properties Haringey definitely has lots to offer. Look at catchment areas for the highest performing schools in the Borough. They are in good demand from families, meaning you should have no problem if you are thinking buy to let.

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