The myriad of things that attract families to Bromley

Bromley is an interesting area and has long had a reputation for being the perfect location for families with parents who work in the centre of the city. The Borough is around 12 miles away from Central London but the setting is far more rural than many people expect. There are wonderful parks and open spaces; the Borough is even home to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The property scene in Bromley is fantastic, offering options to suit every taste. Traditionally the area was home to a multitude of smaller cottages. These were gradually replaced with larger Victorian homes as demand increased but some of them still exist in Old Town. Another change saw a number of the larger homes broken up into individual flats. Bromley South has plenty of modern purpose built flats.

Although the number of larger family homes is one of the big things that attract families to the area, an even bigger attraction is the quality of the schools. Again there are options to suit all requirements, with both public and private options to choose from.

Transport links in the Borough are great for commuters. There are several stations to choose from. Bromley South offers trains to Victoria in Central London, with trips taking around 15 minutes. Bus services are good, both day and night. On top of this there is big support for cycling in the area with around 100 miles of routes.

At Finefair we understand how special Bromley is and the great things the area has to offer. We are proud to provide a wide array of services in the area, catering for the requirements of a wide variety of landlords. Our focus is on offering the very best value we can, ensuring all of our clients are satisfied.

One area where we excel is managing properties. We are particularly renowned as the best provider of estate management Bromley has. Our team understand the specific challenges that estates present, especially with the number of shared spaces. Every resident wants these to be kept in great condition but it can result in a big job for the manager. Fortunately we can accomplish the task and even save money in the process.

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