Important questions to ask a lettings agent

At Finefair we are committed to providing the very best services for landlords, ensuring we tailor our approach to suit their specific requirements. This focus has helped us to become the number one lettings agent in Brent.

One aspect of our service that really stands out is we want to ensure our clients are confident in the service they receive. As a result we provide all kinds of advice for them, from recommendations about areas to going over the various options that are available for leasing.

Something we regularly hear from clients is what they should ask before they appoint a lettings agent, whether it is us or another company. We advise there are key things the landlord should ask themselves before they make this decision.

Firstly they should look at the valuation that the agent puts on a property. The valuations will vary substantially and it is important not to rush in and simply choose to work with the firm that offers the best price. Landlords need to make sure the agent will be able to achieve it.

The second thing to look at is how up to date the agents are in terms of tenancy agreements. Legislation can change rapidly and it is important that each agreement is relevant. Landlords should ask about this and ensure their interests are protected.

The third, and perhaps most important, question to ask is what fees are there? Letting agents charge for various things and the prices can vary substantially. It is important to be clear on them so there are no unexpected surprises. Remember the higher the fees the more they eat into profits too.

One thing every landlord wants to be confident in is that their property will be managed effectively. Some agents conduct regular inspections to ensure this occurs whereas others check properties less frequently. It is always worth asking about this and ensuring you choose a lettings agent that will provide the right service.

If you would like further advice from an established lettings agent in Brent please contact us.