Mitcham in Merton is a unique area

Mitcham looks like a leafy suburb but is less than nine miles from Waterloo in Central London. In fact trains can reach the city centre in just 25 minutes. The area is located in Zone 4 so it is well outside the hustle and bustle.

The development boom in the London Borough of Merton arrived in 1926 when the Northern Line began serving the local stations. Areas like Mitcham and Mordon saw a wave of development, becoming popular suburbs. All three managed to retain a lot of greenery though. Many of these areas, including the commons, exist to this day and attract people to the area.

Currently Mitcham has a very unique feel. It retains many hallmarks of a country village and suburban development. In addition there is a bustling town centre and some light industry in the area. The location in Zone 4 means the properties are more affordable than those in the city centre, whilst also offering more space.

In Mitcham a new development at Millfields recently finished. The site was formerly a factory complex but has been completely transformed, creating new homes. The properties are a mix of luxury apartments and townhouses. The designs are incredible and the location is fantastic for people who want to live in a beautiful countryside setting with fast transport connections to the centre of London.

The homes on the site could prove to be a great opportunity for investors. There has been a rise in the number of people looking at property investment in Merton over the last few years as availability in the centre of London pushes more people to explore outer Boroughs. Mitcham is a great area because of the aforementioned characteristics and the great prices.

At Finefair we can assist clients looking at property investment in Merton, whether they are looking at Mitcham or any other area in the Borough. We can offer support with finding the right property to suit your needs, whether it is a new build ready to inhabit or an older home in need of a little renovation.

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