An area popular with families with great staying power

Honor Oak Park is one of the most popular parts of the London Borough of Lewisham for families. The hilly suburban setting provides good schools, large homes, and easy commutes to both London Bridge and Canary Wharf. This draw buyers and renters alike.

The history of Honor Oak Park is very interesting. The story goes that Queen Elizabeth I enjoyed a picnic under an oak on One Tree Hill in 1602 whilst on her way to Lewisham. The tree became known as the Oak of Honor, giving the whole area its name. Sadly the exact tree that the Queen sat under did not survive but a later replacement in 1905 is still there today.

Traditionally this part of Lewisham was very popular with younger families due to the quality primary schools. There was a tendency for some to move away so children could attend secondary schools in other areas. This has changed though as standards have improved. As a result the area has a lot more staying power.

It is possible to climb up the property ladder in the area, beginning with flats in converted Victorian and Edwardian properties. When residents outgrow them they can choose larger terraced family homes from the same periods.

As mentioned commuting from Honor Oak Park is easy. Trains from the Overground station can reach Tower Bridge in just 15 minutes. Victoria is an additional 30 minutes further away. Commuters can change at Canada Water to travel to Canary Wharf or Shoreditch High Street if they are travelling to the City. In addition there are buses to Brixton and Waterloo.

With such great staying power and plenty to attract people to the area it is no surprising buyers of all varieties are interested. Investors have plenty of options, including choosing Finefair for guaranteed rent in Lewisham. We can provide guarantees on the monthly rental income from properties and take on the responsibility of finding tenants.

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