Merton offers maximum benefits to high-end property investors

If you are a high end property investor looking for your next investment opportunity in London, there is an abundance of available choice. As a major financial centre and culturally rich location, the traditional advantages of the capital are attractive as ever to investors and developers seeking remuneration from the high end rental market. The influx of buyers from Europe and beyond is driving up demand and inevitably resulting in the transformation of the London market.

Mayfair and Park Lane may have dominated the luxurious end of the market on and off the Monopoly board for years, but in reality things have dramatically altered. Many formerly low end, low price areas have been linked to the city’s transport network and have now become part of the mainstream property market. House prices in Hackney, Camden and Merton have seen greater increases in recent years than traditionally well heeled areas such as Westminster. In 2013, Savills accurately predicted that the priming would be at its most pronounced in the more outlying areas of the city, and prices are expected to keep rising at a higher rate than the more mainstream districts of the capital. The upshot is that demand for prime London hotspots has never been greater, and the banker-wealthy domains of Mayfair and Park Lane have been outstripped by many new up and coming territories.

The borough of Merton offers many advantages to high end investors. Offering the prosperous suburb of Wimbledon, it is of course a major draw to sporting stars and celebrities alike. Former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker resided close to the All England Club for six years and Merton is the birthplace and home town of a host of famous faces including former footballer turned film actor Vinnie Jones, film director Ridley Scott, comedienne Jo Brand and many more. Merton was also the primary location for TV show “The Bill”.

Merton boasts large green spaces, fine schools and excellent transport links. Two streets in the south-west borough recently appeared in a list of the most expensive London streets compiled by Lloyds TSB, and property experts claim that investment in the borough could see the value of your property grow by 20.6%. Merton is supported by a wide range of rail stations throughout the borough along with the southern tip of the Northern Line and the District Line on the Wimbledon branch. There are also several London Tramlink stops, and Merton is the only London borough to offer tube, rail and tram services.

We can help you locate and purchase high end property and we are a trusted provider of property and block management in Merton and beyond. We specialise in helping our clients secure prosperous long term financial solutions and achieve maximum returns from investment in all London boroughs.