Investing in London’s commuter belt

High prices in London have been encouraging many people to live outside of the city and commute for work and leisure for a number of years. This approach typically helps them to make their money go further, and also means they can benefit from living in less crowded areas. Outer boroughs are the most favoured because they tend to offer the best value for money in Greater London, although some people look even further out.

The continued high prices in London are having a big impact on the commuter belt, driving up prices in popular locations. Places like St. Albans, Guildford, Reading, Windsor and Maidenhead could all become investment hotspots over the coming year as people look to invest in areas where demand is rising. Some experts are even expecting areas like this to start outstripping the rest of the UK in terms of growth.

Many commuter destinations are already starting to show signs of good growth and demand for homes. For example, Reading has seen prices rise by 13.3%, whilst Windsor and Maidenhead are only slightly behind with 12.9%. Smaller towns and villages outside of these areas are also in demand because they offer even more value for money and space.

Within London, it is previously overlooked Boroughs that are showing the most growth, including places like Lewisham and Newham. Bexley is popular because it has one of the lowest average property prices in the capital. Destinations that will benefit from new transport links in the coming years are getting a great deal of attention and are wise bets for additional growth in the future.

If you are looking for investment properties in Lewisham, Bexley or any other area of the capital, you’ll need to take your time and decide exactly where your money will work the hardest for you and stand the best chance of growing. A family home in a popular spot on the commuter belt could fit the bill perfectly. We’ll help you to invest your money in the right places at the right times.