Luxury investment opportunities in the capital

Berkeley Group Holdings is one of the largest housebuilding companies in the UK. Founder and chairman Tony Pidgley has recently been revealed as the frontrunner in the race to purchase the West End Green plot on Edgware Road close to the Marylebone flyover in the capital. Pidgley is famed for his unique instincts for making accurate predictions about the property market, and is said to be taking a £180 million bet on one of the largest sites for luxury apartments in London.

There have previously been plans in place for the 2.7 acre site that featured an 85 metre residential tower consisting of 370 homes. Many market experts are predicting that the final value of the development will be in excess of £500 million. Tony Pidgley secured success in the property market in the 1970s and according to the Sunday Times Rich List is currently valued at £220 million. His widely renowned knowledge of the market resulted in major expansion and prosperity prior to the financial crash, and his expressed interest in the London site hints at the potential new development of major investment opportunities for high end investors and landlords. The site itself has remained unoccupied and used as a car park since 1989. It has experienced planning issues in the past but with a possible multi-million pound development imminent the council is likely to be appeased as they wish to see the site in use.

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