Guaranteed rent for any type or size of property

If you own investment property and you want to let it to paying tenants, but are concerned about receiving your rent payments on time, we have the ideal solution for you. Simply hand over the management of your property to our team and we will take care of all the work for you, while paying you a guaranteed monthly sum directly into your account. With no management fees or commission, this is the ideal option for landlords who want to make an income from their property but don’t want the stress and hassle of managing it and chasing up rental payments.

Our guaranteed rent service is renowned throughout the whole of London, but we are not limited to the capital. We can provide you with guaranteed rental payments no matter where your property is located in the UK, enabling you to get on with your other business free in the knowledge that your rent will always be paid on time.

You may have been turned down by other property companies in the past because your properties did not fulfil the criteria of their offer, but when you are working with us you will have no such concerns. We cover any kind of property, from the smallest studio flat to the largest block, estate or HMO. Rest assured that no matter what is contained in your property portfolio, we’ll handle it for you, providing full management and paying money directly into your account at the same time each and every month for up to a decade.

If you’re interested in our services for guaranteed rent in Bexley and the rest of London, get in touch and we will answer all enquiries. We pride ourselves on making it easy for all our clients to manage and take care of their property portfolios, and with unbeatable flexibility and the best available rates, it’s no wonder our guaranteed rent service is so popular with such a diverse range of UK property investors and landlords.