London reigns as the rental capital of the UK

London is home to the largest number of renters in the country. Renting has become a firmly established way of life for many and has transformed the housing market throughout the capital. It is predicted that an additional 1.1 million people will begin renting properties over the course of the next five years. Almost 30% of London’s residents are renters, and research shows that almost half of all 25 to 30 year olds fully expect renting to become the usual way of life in the future. The phenomenal shift to private renting seems a long way away from the nation’s previous emotional attachment to property ownership, but the reality is that the UK rental market is here to stay.

The typical age for marriage has crept up from 27 in the 1980s to a national average of 37 today. There have also been many changes in employment patterns. An increasing number of people are switching careers and locations much more frequently now. The rental market in London is also being driven by a record number of students in further education as well as a higher rate of divorcees. Renting in the UK was a comfortable option up until the 60s, and its resurgence has been considerably boosted by altering lifestyles and generations with different aims and ambitions. All of these factors put a premium on flexibility and make it easier for people to rent centrally in the capital.

As renting has become the norm for hundreds of thousands of residents in the city both new and existing landlords are aware of the value of ensuring quality living conditions for their tenants. Providing safe and well presented properties is essential for success in today’s competitive market. Our guaranteed rent schemes offer the perfect solution to investors and landlords as they ensure tenancies are comprehensively managed and that every obligation is met.

We can take responsibility for finding you the right tenant, ensuring the rent is collected every month and that you never have to deal with late payments or void periods. We carry out all inspections, maintenance and repairs and we make sure your property is taken care of and that you enjoy the maximum rent possible. We are leading providers of guaranteed rent and property or block management in the City of London and beyond, and our professional team have the knowledge and experience to execute successful and lucrative tenancies.