London is the perfect place to invest in B&Bs

London is, and will always be in the foreseeable future, a very popular place to live, socialise and conduct business. Therefore, it’s a great place for people who are searching for an investment that will offer them a lot of returns. With over 25 million visitors each year, purchasing a bed and breakfast can be a great opportunity.

There are over 500 B&Bs currently in London that are highly sought after by visitors from far and wide. Usually with larger, chain hotels not only do you have to pay more for your stay but you also do not receive a personalised, friendly and attentive service like they would at a smaller B&B. With many properties that could potentially be used for these accommodation solutions, it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss out on.

Rather than purchasing buy-to-let properties, many investors are choosing to invest in B&B as the income stream are unaffected by changes in rental or property changes. What’s even better is that if you aren’t able or don’t want to run the establishment yourself, you can have a management company like us to handle it for you.

We’re a specialised property management company and can offer a guaranteed net rent income on properties that are suitable to be used as a B&B, which is complemented with a 10 year lease. This means that you’ll receive returns on your investments for a minimum of ten years, making it a great opportunity with little effort to be required. If you need advice on any type of investment properties in Lambeth or in any other part of London, we are your first choice.