Hiring a property company to manage your letting is a great option

Any property investor will know that having one, or a few properties to let is not easy work. It can easily become more than a full time job for many, due to the amount of responsibility it takes to get things rolling smoothly. If you find yourself in this situation and would like to break free from these duties yet still make an income from your property investment in Redbridge, take a look at the services Finefair has to offer.

Private lettings are handled exceptionally well by our teams, offering a high level of satisfaction to both landlords and tenants. This is because our company continuously invests in our people by bringing them opportunities to refine skills through training, earning qualifications, and by providing them with ample room to grow and excel in their career paths. We believe that by taking care of our people, they will be inspired to always do their best.

Our property management services are complete. We’ll take care of everything, from sourcing tenants, to carrying out viewings, moving tenants in and out, and being available 24/7 should anything need to be reported. In addition, we’ll make sure that the dues are paid in a timely manner, as well as carrying out monthly inspections to maintain your property in good conditions.

We are the leading property management company throughout London, Birmingham and the Midlands, dealing with properties throughout the UK and maintaining strong business relationships with many local authorities and organisations. If you have any questions on any aspect of your investment property, please feel free to get in touch at your earliest convenience.