Living in Northwood

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A great suburb

There are a number of fantastic suburbs around London, especially to the north. Northwood is a really great destination with some wonderful homes. Some of the most popular are in a triangle of streets that have classification as an area of special interest. These Victorian homes are larger and full of character. This is a hallmark of how the area originally grew with the arrival of the railway.


The area originally got its name because it is to the north of Ruislip woods. This remains a very popular local amenity, offering open space perfect for walks and cycling. It is also a nature reserve with lots of wildlife and native plants.

Northwood was quite a late developer in terms of suburbs. The urban growth really only came after the railway was extended north. Before then it was a 14th century hamlet with a small number of homes and farms.

An interesting part of the history of the area is that it kept its rural character until well into the 19th century. In fact, it was a location where lots of firewood was produced. A large volume of this went to Central London.


Northwood is quite a popular location today. There are several reasons why, including that it has excellent transport links. The Underground Station is on the Metropolitan Line. As a result people can easily commute into the city centre.

The area is especially popular with renters. The main reason for this is the average monthly rent is much cheaper than the average for London as a whole.

If you are looking at the investment properties Hillingdon has to offer, Northwood is an area to consider. Finefair is here to offer a helping hand if you need it. Simply get in touch and we will discuss services with you. We can even offer guaranteed rent if you want to protect your income on and assets you invest in.