Lewisham’s development history

The London Borough of Lewisham has an incredible history. Over the years the area has been the focus of a great deal of development but the work has generally progressed in fits and starts. This has been caused by a number of setbacks and changing fortunes for developers and builders alike.

The Great Depression caused a lot of problems and is the main reason why the Borough is so diverse in terms of architecture. Many buildings are the result of the workmanship of several builders after a number of them were forced out of business due to financial shocks. There are numerous properties built just a few years apart sitting side by side. They can have very different styles due to the trends at the time of construction though.

The wave of development began in Lewisham following the opening of the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) station in 1849. Since then there has been many ups and downs in terms of growth. The rise of Canary Wharf and the jobs offered in the area saw an even bigger increase in demand for homes. This has continued over the last ten years, particularly with so many new properties needed to satisfy demands.

Luckily the developments over the last decade have progressed much smoother than in the past, albeit with some shocks to contend with. The current regeneration work is seeing the creation of new homes at several sites, including run down parts of the town centre, and improvements in infrastructure. This is making the Borough very popular for residents as everything is heading in the right direction.

The growth and development has translated into an increase in property prices too, drawing in various investors. Even with the rises the Borough is still somewhat behind the established areas, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to find value for money.

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