Accelerated developments in Lambeth

Located within South London, Lambeth is a Borough that’s considered to be a favourite option as far as property investors are concerned. As experts when it comes to this kind of investment, lettings and property management, our team has assisted numerous clients in the area and various others. We can assist them at every stage of the process, delivering the best service throughout.
London’s Mayor has announced plans for two sites that Transport for London (TfL) will bring forward as part of an ongoing plan to deliver city homes that are affordable. Mayor Sadiq Khan has accelerated the development of new homes in areas that are owned by TfL. This came as the result of a realisation that 10,000 homes could potentially be built throughout 75 sites across 300 acres of TfL’s land.

One of the sites is located within Fenwick South, Lambeth and aside from new homes the land also has potential for commercial and retail use. The plan for the site will consist of 55 new houses, all of which shall be social housing, and a community centre.

TfL is conducting this project on land that is owned by the Borough Council as part of a planning arrangement, even though the plan was to not build the homes until 2025. However, the timetable has been moved up, with work expected to begin next year.

Fenwick South’s site is connected with the wider redevelopment as a part of the Northern Line extension. Once TfL completes the development, the London Borough of Lambeth will own and manage it, having granted planning permission back in February.

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