Letting properties in good condition

We pride ourselves on being the lettings agent that the UK depends on for high quality properties, as well offering the best rates for guaranteed rent in Haringey and throughout the rest of London.

The quality of the properties that we let is of the utmost importance to us, as we do all that we can to ensure that all tenants are as comfortable as possible. As such, we ask that all properties conform to a certain standard before we begin letting them. This helps us to alleviate any management issues and to prevent any disputes regarding condition, whether with the landlord or the tenants.

Firstly, the property must be in a good decorative state with no major issues, and kitchens and bathrooms must not have carpets. There must be sufficient safety devices, such as the kitchen having a fire door with a self-closing device, and the property requires a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector. There needs to be a mains powered smoke alarm on each floor of the property and windows need to be fitted with restrictors, while kitchens and bathrooms require enclosed light fittings and bathrooms must have locks which can be opened from the outside. Each room needs its own entrance, as well as natural light and natural ventilation, and any pipe work for boilers must be boxed in and secured. Each room also needs at least two double plug sockets.

There are a number of things that cannot be allowed in properties we let, mostly in concerns to safety. There can’t be any electrical sockets in the skirting boards and connected gas heaters are not allowed. Keys must be supplied for all windows and, if necessary, any letter boxes, and door numbers must be displayed. A working doorbell is also required and there must not be any internal locks on doors other than bathrooms and toilets. Trip hazards must also be removed where possible. Blocked guttering must be fixed, there must be no waste anywhere on the premises, and gardens must be kept in a trim and neat state.

By fulfilling these requirements, you are ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for your tenant and also minimising the risk of complaints or disputes. Being one of the country’s top lettings agents, guaranteed rent providers and property management companies, we pride ourselves on offering nothing less than the best possible services to our customers, and that is exactly what they will always receive from us. If you require a lettings agent who will provide full property management and guaranteed rent in Haringey and the rest of London, we are your first port of call.