Legitimately and permanently affordable homes for Ilford

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Genuinely affordable Redbridge homes

The council wholly owns development company Redbridge Living. It is getting ready to complete its first housing scheme in Ilford. They are planning on building 94 homes on the site of former council offices on Clements Road in the centre of the area. In total this project will be 35% affordable housing.

Redbridge Council and London Community Land Trust (CLT) have been working together on the proposals since 2015. CLT is an organisation that works to build homes that are affordable and high quality. They got a personal pledge from Jas Athwal, the local Council leader, in 2016 to be able to build 250 homes in the Borough.

The new homes on the Clements Road site are due to be finished in late 2020. Thanks to the fact that CLT property prices reflect earnings in the area, they are truly affordable.

These homes play a valuable role when it comes to tackling the housing crisis so that people are able to buy their own home. This development will provide the people of Ilford with the affordable homes they need.

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