The leading North London borough

There is a common perception that North London is the most expensive area of the city to live in. While it is true that North London is home to some of the most exclusive homes in the capital, it is not the case that this is the only form of housing to be found there. There are also many more affordable investments and rental properties which are sure to appeal to a wide range of prospective renters.

Redbridge, to the north east of the city, is one of the most attractive and sought after boroughs for young and aspiring professionals. Despite being bordered by some of the most expensive property markets to be found nationally, time and again surveys have shown that Redbridge remains as one of the most affordable places to live in London. While this in itself is an attractive quality, the standard of living there makes it even more so. A recent report showed that Redbridge is one of the best three locations nationally for career opportunities, particularly for younger members of society.

If you are looking for investment properties, Redbridge offers all of the key factors required for success, including property costs which are below the London average. Whether it is due to the opportunities Redbridge offers in itself, or because of how easy it is to commute to and from central London from the borough, the area offers great potential for success with a property investment.

Currently, almost 25% of the population of Redbridge live in rented accommodation. While this figure is substantially lower than the London average of approximately 50%, it is a percentage which many anticipate will rise significantly over the next few years. There is a distinct movement towards rented accommodation for people living in the capital, and Redbridge offers everything that people looking to rent in London are seeking.

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