The leading lettings agents in the capital

If you own a property investment in Havering or any other part of the capital, we know you want to get the maximum level of financial return and ensure that your valuable investment is managed and maintained to the highest standard possible. Investors know that we can deliver on both counts.

With over a decade of highly regarded service in the London property market, we have become the first and foremost choice for those seeking the most preferential position possible in a highly competitive market.

Living in rented accommodation is increasingly becoming the preferred approach taken across the UK, particularly in London. Owner occupied properties are at the lowest level they have been for a quarter of a century, with all trends and indicators showing that this will continue to be the case for some time.

Many people are attracted to the substantial and assured rewards offered by the London property market, but do not fully appreciate the level of time and resources required to become successful from it. Property owners can attain the returns they expected when buying by appointing us as their lettings agent. London has shown its confidence in our abilities by making us the preferred supplier of services to the local authorities across the boroughs of the capital.

Our services are always geared towards presenting you with the best way to gain the highest level of return from your property investment in Havering, Wandsworth, Haringey and every other area of the city. Depending on the length of time you plan to lease a building out for, we can discuss with you the merits and expected benefits of either council leasing, a guaranteed rent agreement or a movement into the private leasing market. In all cases, you can be sure we are always managing your property effectively, making sure it is well maintained and kept in pristine condition.

We want to make sure property owners can make the maximum amount of profit, without having to devote all their time and resourced to their property portfolios. With our in depth experience of the London property market, we know how to navigate it successfully.